A perfect gift for the annual baby

First birthday of a child is a moment especially celebrated by parents. Before the whole family gathers at a shared table to enjoy a year-old sweet child, you must choose a appropriate  gift. We advise you how to choose a gift from the vastness of toys and accessories that will please the child and satisfy the parents!


Through fun to learn

Small children develop and grow very fast. They do not spend most of their time sleeping in their cot, but they are actively exploring the nearest environment. Shapes, colors and sounds flowing from the environment are turning the child's attention. Through sensory perception, the child learns about the surrounding world, which is why it is so important to provide him with stimulating stimuli. An educational mat or an interactive table is a gift that will not only be a companion of games but will also support the child's development. These types of toys develop motor coordination and senses of touch, pattern and hearing.


An elegant souvenir

Before you know it, fruit purees and soups from the jars will be replaced by the first solid meals. Good stores with kitchen accessories have in their collection cutlery for children made of high quality stainless steel. Cutlery sets dedicated to children are mostly composed of small spoon, fork and knife. On the gerlachshop.co.uk you will find kits perfectly suited for children's hands. Each element of the set is decorated with a beautiful engraving, which will surely interest the little one.

For charming cutlery, packed in a decorative cardboard box, you can choose a porcelain set consisting of a saucer, a bowl and a cup. Such a set will be a beautiful and useful souvenir from the first birthday.




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