Dining room in the garden? Why not!

Your garden doesn’t have to be just an empty space. You can create a spectacular zone filled with a smell of delicious food, bustling and charming. Enriching your garden with a stylish and functional patio furniture is the best opportunity to discover the new possibilities hidden in your outdoor space.

Meetings with friends and family



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Solid, big dining sets consists of synthetic rattan table and comfortable chairs is a universal equipment for every occasion. You can celebrate with loved ones important events or just enjoy the beautiful weather, sipping refreshing, cold beverages. Elegant, round models will command to all classic lovers. On the other hand, every sympathizer of modern design will be delighted with sleek finishes, pure and bright colors and strong angles of minimalistic chairs and rectangular tables.

Your own romantic restaurant


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Dining set for two can turn your patio into a romantic, intimate nook, where you forget about reality. Tiny set surrounded by greenery, charming candle’s glow will make you feel like in a film scenery. Time spent in your garden will be a source of daily valuable and lovely experience.