Ideas for wedding photos using fireworks

Pictures from a wedding day should be creative and express the character of the ceremony, but it becomes more and more challenging to find an idea, that hasn’t been used already. If you are striving for the best possible pictures, it is worth considering to buy pyrotechnics elements for the photoshoot.


If a fireworks show is a part of your wedding party attractions, It is a great moment to take some photos of the newlyweds. All the way from small sparklers to the big show displays, they look great in pictures. Be sure to plan those photographs ahead and keep your photographer involved in the process, so you are sure that it will be possible to capture both the couple and fireworks in one picture.
The placement of the newlyweds and the guest is crucial at this moment. If you want to capture the couple alone, it is necessary to ask guests to stand in a distance to them. It makes it easier to move around with the camera and catch the perfect angle.

It is very important to check the venue ahead of the photo shoot and try to use every available resource in the landscape. Any hills, stairs or another point which are a bit higher, make for a perfect opportunity to place the couple closer to the skyline in the photo perspective. It is also possible to take pictures from a lower point than the couple will be standing on – just make sure you are aware of the angle you are taking the pictures from. Moreover, check for any water around, like lakes or small pools – the reflection of the fireworks will look great on the picture.

If you are planning to place the group in the picture, also make sure that they are placed correctly, and don’t cover the newlyweds. If there are any children involved in the wedding, make sure to keep an eye on them and incorporate them in the photo. There is a great chance of capturing genuine emotions on a kids face.


Fireworks are a perfect way to create wow-factor at your wedding. They are an additional cost and the planning takes an effort, but in the end, you will see a fantastic show and pictures at the same time. If you are looking for more wedding photography ideas incorporating pyrotechnics, check the full article here.