Popular nearshore IT

Low production and labor costs, favorable legislation for entrepreneurs, lower taxes, and up to 20 million euros in co-financing for new activities - this is what attracts Romania and rest of the world investors from the continent.

Why abroad?

Searching for alternative possibilities to reduce the costs of running a business, including moving factories to countries where production is cheaper, has been known and used for a long time. The markets of China, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan are particularly attractive in this respect. The problem starts when entrepreneurs run out of production abroad and choose Asian countries or Ukraine or Romania. In addition, there have been signs recently that the industry, due to the introduction of excise duties on coal and coke at the beginning of 2012, will consider quenching the business in transferring it to, for example, Romania, where there is no such additional tax costs.

Nowadays it is difficult to find a job advertisement in which only general information. As in many other areas, such as in marketing or finance, also in IT there is a high degree of specialization. An nearshore IT employee can be a specialist in Java programming, database specialty, expert in network security or implementation of a given type of application. There is only one problem - in principle, it will never be one and the same person.

Expensive and difficult recruitment

Organizations in which it is necessary to carry out nearshore software development team IT activities of various types, of course, can expand the IT department to an exorbitant size, employing more and more new employees specialized in a given field. However, it connects with enormous recruitment and employment costs, not to mention the very long time that is needed to find a really good specialist.

Loyalty and professionalism

Access to a lot of data, including often sensitive personal data, is another issue that must be remembered when hiring an nearshore IT worker. It must be primarily a trusted person - the question is whether we can be so sure, especially if we employ someone from the proverbial street.

Nearshore software development specialist - only a man ...

Let's assume that the company has managed to hire a really great IT specialist in a chosen field. Let us also assume that it is a person to whom one can have 100% trust and who performs his duties perfectly, observing all rules and remembering all the details. However, even such a person is only a human at the end.

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