The best wet room kits

If you intend to change the models and sizes of sanitary equipment, you may also need to renovate the bathroom installation: change the way cold and hot water pipes are connected, plumbing and even a bathroom heating system.

Suitable wet room kits

Before starting the replacement of the installation, it is worth buying a bathtub, a bowl, a paddling pool and a sink, so that they can be pre-mounted and eliminate any problems with their assembly in the already finished bathroom.

If the wet room kit is similar to that before modernization, these installations can be run the same way, removing old pipes. If the layout of the devices will be changed, it may be more convenient to run the installations in the so-called installation wall that not only protects the pipe, but also allows the installation of a hanging toilet bowl or bidet.

Important selected installation

If the house sewage system was made of cast iron pipes, you will definitely need to replace it. PVC installations have no reason to exchange - if they are not damaged, of course - but they are also often replaced with new ones, because their course often prevents connection of new sanitary accessories.

Sewage pipes. It is set in the first place, because due to their large diameter (50 mm, 75 mm or 110 mm) and the need to maintain a slope in the direction of outflow at least 2%, they cause the most problems.

A properly selected wet room kits

Wet room kit from various utensils may have a diameter of 32-50 mm, but a further section of the sewage system should be assembled from pipes with a diameter of at least 50 mm.

The tightness of the assembled installation is difficult to check, therefore the assembly should be carried out particularly carefully. The arrangement of the pipes determines whether it will be possible to hide them in the floor, wall or whether a masking screen or installation wall will be necessary.

If the sewage system is away from the vertical or we intend to install a hanging toilet bowl, it will be necessary to place the installation wall. It is a convenient solution that allows you to easily carry out all installations in the bathroom.

In the existing partition wall, a grate made of steel profiles and frames for hanging the toilet bowl and washbasins are mounted. After installing the installation, the wall is waterproofed with waterproof plasterboards and tiles. The wall does not have to reach the ceiling - it usually ends at a height of 1-1.2 m from the floor, and the shelf created in this way is used to set various details.


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